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Here at Deca Dev Blog you will find general technology and development articles, along with programming and development information, stories, articles and tutorials. Please feel free to browse and soak in some of the general atmosphere and you will find that the experience will be more than your expected.

Technology Articles

Deca Dev Blog Technology Articles will give you informative and dynamic insight in to my views on technology. The views shall be as unbiased as i can make them to give a clear picture of the technology that I talk about or review.

Development Articles

Deca Dev Blog Development Articles will give you information on subjects such as language specific (JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C, C++, Rust, Go) information and tutorials along with general CS information and development News and Reviews.


Deca Dev Blog Reviews will give you information about current and upcoming technology, products , services and general development; along with informative insight in to the user aspect and development aspects of the item / services in question.